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Full version is now live!

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What is HospitAlert?

It's everyone's worst nightmare: A loved one has been hospitalized and you are unable to be there with them. If someone is at the hospital with them, keeping everybody up-to-date with calls and texts may be too overwhelming. Social media is fast and easy, but it isn't very private. With HospitAlert, you and your family members can all stay up-to-date in a fast, secure location.

Add an Event

If you are at the hospital with a consenting loved one, you can create a new hospitalization. You will then be able to control who is able to view the hospitalization.

Update Status

Post updates any time you have information you want to share. People who can view this hospitalization will be notified immediately.

Ask Questions. Get Answers.

People who can see your hospitalization will also be able to post questions they may have. Answer the question (or change the answer if things change) and the asker will be notified.

Full version is now live!

Full Version


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